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Meet Trent

Hello!  My name is Trent Miller and just like you, I live here.  It was a surprise to learn that there is no requirement for our representatives in Congress to live in the district they are running to represent.  Well, I do live in the district I am running to represent.  I understand District 16 because I live in District 16.  I've lived here over two decades.  Wave to me when you see me at the grocery store.

Among the most important things to know about me is that I am a devoted husband and father to four amazing children, all of whom were raised right here in Manatee County.  I live here, I work here, I pay my taxes here.  My parents live here.  In my life, I have lived all over the world and have chosen southwest Florida to make my home and raise my family. 

As pictured below, Lakewood Ranch Democrats Club was founded in 2008 in the living room of our home.  As the first president of the LWR Dems I was grateful to find the effort strongly supported by our community.  I'm proud the Club continues to be a strong force for Democratic leadership in our area to this day.






Our district is quite large and I look forward to traveling the district to meet my fellow Floridians in the Fightin' 16th! 

Vote for me.  I live here.


Syracuse University

The Widener University Delaware Law School


Sigma Phi Epsilon - Syracuse NY Alpha

Florida Bar, Member in Good Standing

Florida Bar, Workers' Compensation Section Member

Work Experience

I am proud to be a member in good standing of the Florida Bar since 1997.  Having practiced workers' compensation defense law for my entire career - at both large firms and small - I opened my own practice in 2007 with my wife, Lesa.  Additionally, Lesa and I purchased and managed a 20+ tenant property on State Road 64 in 2013.  While revitalizing this 6-acre property we learned a lot about working collaboratively with teams from wide-reaching specialties to achieve our goals.

Government Experience

Just like most of you, I have never run for public office.  My parents were in government service permitting us amazing opportunities to live overseas, where I grew up until age 12.  With that said, especially as a kid, I couldn't wait to return to what we called "the land of the big PX."  I love this country and I know how good we've got it.  But we need to do better.

Much later, in law school, I proudly served as an intern for U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes on Capitol Hill.  That experience gave me a glimpse of what Congress is all about, rubbing shoulders with the likes of John McCain, Arlen Specter and Ted Kennedy. 

Government should be about public service and doing the business of the people, not partisan infighting.  Send me to Congress because it's time for a change from this historically gridlocked Congress.  Let's give the 16th District a voice in the House of Representatives. 

We're in this together.

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